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Cross-country trails operation

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Marking Name Status Length
1. Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti - 4 km
2. Lyžařský okruh středně težké obtížnosti - 7 km
3. Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti - 15 km
4. Lyžařský okruh težké obtížnosti - 7 km
5. Lyžařská magistrála - 16 km
Celkem km běžeckých tratí: 49 km

Overview of crosscountry trails operations


Here we go! The weather was good, work went well, so we can open our gates on 10th of May!

The chairlift will be in operation until Sunday, always from 9:30 to 18:00. Further in May every week from Wednesday to Sunday + 21st of May, always from 9:30 to 18:00. We transport both cyclists and pedestrians.

From 10.5. the Rubin trail in full length of 8 km and Downhill track (3 km) will be open. From 19.5. we will open also Azur trail and first sections of Baron trail.

We are looking forward to you!