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The InterSkiregion Fichtelberg-Klínovec skipasses must first be used in the turnstiles in Skiarea KLÍNOVEC. After that they may be used anywhere in the InterSkiregion Fichtelberg-Klínovec..

Purchase of student ski passes is possible only after registration in which you enter the number of a valid ISIC card. If you have not filled in your ISIC card number when completing your registration, you can do so later in your account settings.

If you buy the reduced one day ticket for 650 CZK / 710 CZK, you cannot cancel it or change the date of use.

First you have to buy at least one product.

Total price for skipasses: 0 CZK

Denní skipas

Price per piece Piece
Day Pass Adults
- registration in the next step)
680.00  CZK
750.00 CZK*
Day Pass Children 540.00  CZK
590.00 CZK*
Day Pass Adults – no SALE 680.00  CZK
750.00 CZK*

Vícedenní skipasy

Price per piece Piece
1 ½ day Adults 1090.00  CZK
1090.00 CZK*
1 ½ day Children 880.00  CZK
880.00 CZK*
2 days Adults 1300.00  CZK
1300.00 CZK*
2 days Children 1040.00  CZK
1040.00 CZK*
3 days Adults 1900.00  CZK
1900.00 CZK*
3 days Children 1530.00  CZK
1530.00 CZK*
4 days Adults 2470.00  CZK
2470.00 CZK*
4 days Children 2000.00  CZK
5 days Adults 3020.00  CZK
5 days Children 2440.00  CZK
6 days Adults 3540.00  CZK
6 days Children 2860.00  CZK
7 days Adults 4000.00  CZK
7 days Children 3250.00  CZK
3 days out of 5 Adults 1980.00  CZK
3 days out of 5 Children 1640.00  CZK
5 days out of 7 Adults 3090.00  CZK
5 days out of 7 Children 2520.00  CZK
Total price for skipasses: 0 CZK

First you have to buy at least one product.

Family skipasses are only available at cashdesks after submitting ID cards proving the identity of family members. .


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