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Entertainment for all

Come and enjoy the fun in SKI SCHOOL KLÍNOVEC area, located on the southern side of SKI AREA KLÍNOVEC.

We offer skiing classes even for the youngest children. We have qualified instructors and a brand new children fun park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA which is the ideal place for learning. There are two magic carpets which are the most comfortable for children who save their energy for skiing. There is also a trail with a lot of fairy tale features. So learning in our school is a lot of fun.

We also offer group courses for children. We prepare special offers for kindergartens, which children love becuase they learn skiing with their friends.

We offer skiing courses for schools. For this purpose we offer packages that include everything you need. Skiing and snowboarding lessons with qualified instructors, accommodation and catering – everything is ready. It is also possible to arrange other activities, such as visit of Aquacenter Agricola in spa Jáchymov.

Other important information

  • Documents, such as course application form, declaration and rental form are in the section Download.
  • Information about skiing course can be found on the SKI AREA KLÍNOVEC website. You can get there by clicking HERE.
  • Skibus timetables

20% discount for school groups from February 1, 2015 to March 1,2015.

  • Valid for school groups of minimum 15 persons. Discount is applicable in ski school and ski rental with advance booking.
  • Discount is applicable in Ski School Klínovec after submitting a list of pupils with the signature of the school representative and stamp of the school.
  • Discount on SKI PASSES: https://klinovec.cz/en/cenik

We offer teambuilding and company events that get your people together. We provide accommodation in spa Jáchymov, skiing in Ski Area Klínovec or a welness stay in Aquacenter Agricola. Your employess will get to know each other outside their jobs and will make a real team while doing funny activities and sports.

HUGO´s children area is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. All children 3+ are welcome.

  • Children who want to relax, can enjoy a relaxing area with pillows and TV with a lot of fairy tales on.
  • Creative children can have fun creating nice things from paper. Little dancers can enjoy lots of children songs.
  • All our staff are qualified and experienced, so you can enjoy your winter fun in Ski Area Klínovec without any worries about your children.
  • I tis our wish that your children may spend a nice time when you are not there.
  • I tis our aim that you trust us and all small and big visitors feel safe during your visit.
  • The program of Hugo´s children area is adjusted to the children´s age and focuses on the harmonious development of their personality. .
  • And our reward is that you come back and that we see the joy in the eyes of children and their parents.



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