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Everyone can choose
from the offer of our lessons.

Go down the slopes
like a pro

The only official ski school of the Klínovec Ski Resort offers lessons for beginners and advanced skiers as well as snowboarders of all ages. Entrust your children to professionally trained instructors in our children’s park PRIMÁČEK U HUGA, one of the best of its kind or go straight up on the hill to fine-tune the technique with our experienced instructors.

Skiing for beginners and advanced

We effectively and intensively teach you how to handle snow. Whether you are a child or an adult, we will adapt to your personal requirements. Children from the age three have fun in our children’s fun park with ski carpets. We also help the adults with their first uncertain steps on snow and help to reveal the love for skiing. It’s great fun! You have good skiing experience but you feel stuck in a ski rut? Go skiing with our instructors and get constructive feedback on your technique. Our instructors will help you with a tech drill that turns you into the king or queen of slopes.

Snowboard for beginners and advanced

You can expect effective and intensive way of teaching. Whether you are a child or an adult, we will adapt to your requirements. Children from 3 years of age will have fun in our fairy tale park with mobile belts, we will help adults overcome the initial uncertainty and teach you to fall in love with skiing. As it is great fun! Have you been riding snowboard for a while but you feel stuck in a snowboarding rut? Do you want to squeeze the most out of your board? Upgrade your skills with our instructors and get constructive feedback on your riding. Who knows! Maybe you will test the obstacles in our legendary Neklid snow park.

from the offer of lessons
there is something for everyone

Please make your reservation at least 48 hours before the start of the class.
Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that your reservation will be accepted and processed.


1 Kids park

2 Side entrance of the ski school

3 Topstation Dámská

4 Lower station Dámská

5 Lower station CineStar

Beginners are taught only at meeting point 1.

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    The children’s park with snow carpets belongs to the top of its kind in the Czech Republic. Not only is it equipped with two magic snow carpets, so your kids can easily move around the park, but also with a fairy-tale slalom and other modern equipment.

    In our park, you can teach your children yourself as well

    Do you want to teach your children on your own? No problem, you can use the children’s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA.

    Children under 6 years free of charge, others according to the price list below. This ski pass can be purchased in the building of the SkiSchool Klínovec. If you have purchased a valid ski pass of Klínovec Ski Resort, you have a FREE access to the park area.

    Children’s park price list
    1/2 day 100,- CZK / person
    1 day 150,- CZK / person


      Bratrství 1065, 362 51 Jáchymov

    +420 415 242 242 | +420 607 071 980

    The rental and services are also located at the same address.



    Skiing with SKI SCHOOL KLINOVEC has never been more convenient and comfortable.


    1 person 2 persons 3 persons
    1 lesson (50 minutes) * 850 CZK 1190 CZK 1500 CZK
    2 lessons (100 minutes) 1590 CZK 2240 CZK 2800 CZK
    4 lessons (200 minutes) 2590 CZK 3640 CZK 4550 CZK

    * 1 lesson is only available for child beginners and lessons are only in the children’s park


    4 persons each additional person
    2 lessons (100 minutes) 3200 CZK 800 CZK
    4 lessons (200 minutes) 5200 CZK 1300 CZK


    10% discount for 6 or more lessons – can be spread over several days (minimum 2 lessons per day)


    1 person 2 persons 3 persons
    2 lessons (100 minutes) 1990 CZK 3040 CZK 4000 CZK
    4 lessons (200 minutes) 2990 CZK 4440 CZK 5750 CZK

    Priority entry replaces the ski pass and is only valid for the duration of the lesson


    4 persons each additional person
    2 lessons (100 minutes) 4800 CZK 1200 CZK
    4 lessons (200 minutes) 8400 CZK 2100 CZK

    in Klínovec