The first internationally attained radon spa town with a rich history linked to the mintage of tolar, the currency from which the current dollar was derived. The Curries discovered Polonium and Radium here in Jáchymov. The local spa centres has been using a unique healing procedure – radon water, for more than 100 years. The lower station of our chairlift Prima Express is situated within a walking distance (3 km) from the town centre.

Jáchymovské peklo

The 8,5 km long easy trail is suitable for buggies and push bikes. The educative trail is dedicated not only to the Uran mines and former prison camps but also to the nature of the Ore Mountains and ecology. The trail leads from Jáchymov to the mine Svornost, which is the oldest active mining site in Europe. You might also like to see the exposition of mining tools or an Uran drift. The final section of the trail reveals an amazing view by the Šlikovský mill. More about the Jáchymovské peklo.

Radonová stezka

A 2,5 km long easy trail suitable for buggies is the first world´s educative Radon trail. The town at the foot of Klínovec is universally acclaimed for its unique use of Radon – the first world´s Radon spa is situated here. Due to the Uranium mining, the first historic measurement of the Radon concentration in the flats was performed here. A three km long trail leads from the museum in Jáchymov around the mining site Svornost further to the infirmary church through a chestnut alley to the Radium Palace. More information about the Radonová stezka.

Sport and leisure in the heart of the spa in Jáchymov – a tight connection between the Ski Resort Klínovec and the spa town Jáchymov opens a unique opportunity of spending the vacation in an active way. Explore the beauty of Klínovec during the day and treat yourself with wellness in the evening. You might also enjoy a unique sauna mine, aquapark, massage or an accommodation directly by the main colonnade. For more information visit resortjachymov.cz

Krušnohorská horní krajina UNESCO

The mining memorials of the Saxonian and Bohemian sides were added to the world cultural heritage UNESCO in the year 2019. A unique value of the mining region Erzgebirge/Ore Mountains is supported by various internationally recognized inventions and innovations in the area of mining and metallurgical technologies. The inventions successfully spread from the Ore Mountains into the whole of Europe and over the ocean in the 16th century. The Ore Mountains region influenced progress in many fields such as metallurgical legislation, administration, and education, or monetary systems. This claim is backed by the story of tolar from Jáchymov, which turned into the European currency used for more than 300 years and preceded the American dollar.

Families with children may be amazed by the visit of the mining sites Johannes or Mauritius. Hiking the 910-metre-high mountain Medník famous from the cult Czech tv series is also great fun. The area is well-known for iron mining in the past so the hill is literary larded with drifts. A former mining village Meděnec is situated under the southern range of the mountain. The top of the mountain offers a 360 view of the Ore Mountains and a wind park that appears almost cosmic-like within the scenery.

Boží Dar


Ježíškova cesta

Either thirteen or six km long easy trail is suitable for buggies or pushbikes. All the kids enjoy this trail full of fun. The bravest can challenge a twelve km long circuit. However, a shorter 5,6 km long inner circuit is also fun. The trail contains various tasks for you to mark into your notebook. The trail is open throughout the whole year for hikers, bikers, or buggies. Find more information directly on the website of the town Boží dar.

Educative trail Božídarské rašeliniště

A three-km-long very easy trail is suitable for buggies and pushbikes. The trail leads through the national reserve Božídarské Rašeliniště, which is recognized as an internationally acclaimed wetland according to the Ramsar Treaty. This 3,2 km long trail starts at the beginning of Ore Mountain main trail where you find the first educative board. The trail mainly consists of stony sidewalks which help to keep both tourists and the wetlands safe. The wetlands are home for many precious types of organisms and plants. Find more information directly on the website of the town Boží dar.

Loučná pod Klínovcem


Educative trail Loučná pod Klínovcem

A part of the sixteen km long trail of medium difficulty leads through a road. The trail is suitable for terrain buggies only.

The educative trail guides you around the northern surrounding of the highest mountain of the Ore Mountains and introduces many interesting toponymical and geographical facts. For example, you will learn how many 1000+ mountain tops can you find in the Ore Mountains, what is geographically interesting about the hill Meluzína (Wailing Wind), or how peculiar is the history of the viewpoint in Klínovec and German Fichtelberg.

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