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History of the SKI RESORT

SKI AREA KLÍNOVEC has a long history, Since the beginning of skiing in the Czech country it has played its role in winter sports. There are ideal conditions for skiing and other sports on snow at Klínovec. The beginning of sports use of Klínovec date back to the beginning of 20th century.

We have materials documenting the sports development at Klínovec from as early as the interwar period. Everything started with the adjustment of natural jumping take-off ramps, the remains of the biggest one are still to be seen in the so called Fuchsloch. These také-off ramps were used by Czech as well as German ski jumpers. Competitions for jumpers from both countries were held here. The historical hotel on the top of Klínovec offered comfort to the sportsmen and thus contributed to the sports life here.

Only a few years later, downhill skiing started developing at Klínovec as well, thanks to the fact that parts of the forest here was felled and gave place to the first ski slopes called Dámská (Ladies´) and U Zabitýho (By the killed one). Now we don´t know for sure the origin of these two name. However, there are a few legends realted to this. One of these tells of a man killed by violent death, another tells of a competing skier who got fatally injured on the slope. Today we probably won´t find out the truth. These slopes were used both for recreational purposes and for competitions in downhill skiing.

Unfortunately, after World War II the whole area around Klínovec became inaccessible due to the new regime which started to rule the Czech country and introduced border line territory. These restrictions were abolished in 1960s and Klínovec could go on in development. The first ski lift was built at slope U Zabitýho. Other ski lifts were launched gradually and a skiing club was founded which brought back competitions in downhill skiing to Klínovec.

Since 1968 the development was fast. In this year a new twoseat lift was built at Dámská slope and only two years later the ski lift at U Zabitýho slope was changed for a new one of higher quality. In 1974 – 78 another part of the forest was felled and two new slopes were ready for skiing, i.e. Přemostěná and Pařezák. Before 1980 two other lifts were opened on slope no.4, which is called Pod Zámečkem now and on Přemostěná. In 1980s the development went on with the purchase of the first grooming machine and the slope no. 4 was lit.

1991 brought a big schange for Ski area Klínovec thanks to privatisation, as the ski area was bought by a private company which has owned the ski area until today. In the last 20 years the ski area has gone through a big change and is always striving for modernization.

The next twenty years saw further construction and modernisation of the ski area. The current slopes were enlarged and in 1998 the snowing system was launched which now covers 80% of the ski area. The snowing system has been constantly improved, in 2011 a new retention basin was built and 60 snow guns were introduced. The skilift at the Dámská slope was changed for chairlift. A few new machines for grooming the slopes was purchased and they are being modernised regularly. These snow cats together with sufficient amount of natural and technical snow guarantee high quality skiing experience at Klínovec throughout the winter.

In 2003 the ski area significantly improved conditions for snowboarders when the completely new modern snowpark was built. The high point is the U-ramp Superpipe of the FIF class which has been used for world competitions in snowboarding for a few times. The ski area is trying to improve the level of facilities in the resort and thus it supports the building of new accommodation facilities, restaurants and fast food stands, skiing schools and ski rentals.

The rating agency for Czech winter resorts has awarded Klínovec 5* ever since 2005 which is the highest rating. 2011 saw the first part of the overall modernization of the ski area, the other parts will follow in the coming seasons. In the first stage the slope Pařezovka was lengthened twice to the total of 1500m. Three older lifts were replaced by a modern fourseat chairlift which is the most modern in the Czech Republic thanks to its orange bubble protection cover. The next two stages are planned for the next two years when three new chairlifts will be launched on the slopes Přemostěná, Jáchymovská and Slunečná which will lead to the village Loučná pod Klínovcem and will physically connect Ski area.

KLÍNOVEC with the neighbouring Fichtelberg. The connection of the two resorts started in 2011, but only for twoday passes. Overall ski area Klínovec is constantly modernizing and improving the infrastructure, services for its clients and is aiming to offer great skiing experience for all its visitors.

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