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Ski school

New SKI SCHOOL KLÍNOVEC offers skiing and snowboarding lessons for both beginners and advanced riders of all ages.


  • modern facilities
  • modern equipment
  • 2 magic carpets for little skiers
  • certified instructors
  • family tuition
  • learning with games and competitions
  • opportunity to make new friends in group courses
  • we take care of your children in children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA, your children will learn skiing, moreover the skipass is FREE OF CHARGE included in course fees
  • individual approach

You can book the following types of tuition

Private Skiing and Snowboarding lessons

  • for children 3+ and adults
  • designed for 1 – 3 persons
  • individual approach of the instructor
  • program adjusted to your needs, be it basics for beginners or improving your style
  • efficient and intensive
  • lessons (50 minutes) – daily from 9am to 4pm

Group Skiing and Snowboarding lessons

  • for children 3+ and adults/li>
  • skiers are assigned into groups according to their level of skills
  • maximum 12 children in a group – beginners
  • maximum 14 children in a group – advanced
  • family lessons for small closed groups of 4 to 8 persons/li>

Children Skiing and Snowboarding lessons for Children

  • your children can enjoy Hugo´s children park full of animals and funny learning aids
  • learning is fun with a lot of games in children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA
  • division of children into groups according to their age and skills
  • your children learn skiing, playing a lot of games and taking part in competitions with their peers
  • qualified skiing instructors, specialized on teaching children

Další informace

Children´s park PRIMÁČEK U HUGA is one of the top of its kind in the Czech Republic with its magic carpets, fairy-tale slalom and other features. Apart from lessons for children there will be various competitions for children. Regularly we will offer events, such as Saturday aprés ski parties and Sunday welcome parties for new guests which is a new event of this season. For this season we improved the space at the modern, covered chairlift PRIMA Express in SKIAREA KLÍNOVEC – Jáchymov with the concept of new Children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA full of fun, games and animals for your children. Thanks to artificial lighting in the children´s park U HUGA, which is brand new in the Czech Republic, the park will be open also during night skiing or welcoming the little ones with a lot of games, bobsledging with HUGO mascot from 4.30 pm to 6 pm every Friday and Saturday. Parents are welcome in our newly opened APRES SKI BAR, where you can also get information and leaflets about Ski Area Klínovec. You can enjoy yourselves and watch your children from the APRES SKI BAR located just next to the Children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA. This space will be reserved for bobsledging, you can warm yourselves with hot drinks in our APRES SKI BAR.

Do you wish to teach your children by yourselves? No problem, you can use the area of Children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA, full of animals, with two state-of-the-art magic carpets, measured slalom and a lot of other features. Basic price for 1/2 day is 50,–CZK/person. You can find further details in SKI SCHOOL KLÍNOVEC office or in the operation rules. Operation of Children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA follows the operation rules, Fis rules posted on this website and in the building and in the Children´s park PRIMÁČEK u HUGA.

The last chance to buy a lesson is 20 minutes before the start of the lesson. A lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Provozni řád dětského parku Primáček u Huga

School for adults offers courses for both beginners and advanced skiers. Our qualified instructors will teach you basic skiing skills (e.g. how to stop safely, how to regulate your speed or turning to both sides), using ski lifts and chairlifts and skiing on big pistes. We will help you overcome fear and become selfconfident on your skis. More advanced skiers can learn carving ski technique (dynamic way of skiing and turning on groomed pistes).

For more demanding skiers we offer an adrenalin Freestyle in our excellent snowpark with great obstacles. We will teach you basic tricks, jumps with rotation, tail grabs, rail ride and a lot of other interesting tricks, under the guidance of specialized instructors.



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